90 Days

You might be wondering why you need 90 days between your reports and why it’s important to get them every 90 days. Reports should be completed every 90 days, this is because our bodies are constantly changing and adapting to the epigenetic influences through our energy field and expressing in our physical bodies and physiology.

The changes occur because we are adapting to a new way of doing things. We take away some sensitive foods, add some foods which meet nutritional indicators and make other lifestyle choices based on the optimise report. Collectively these are known as epigenetic influences and the body needs 3 months to adapt to better overall efficiency and stability.

As your nutrition and environment changes your body needs to constantly adapt to these changes. Modern lifestyles make it difficult for us to gain and maintain an optimum state and a 90-day plan can help you achieve this through supporting efficiency in your system every 90-days.

Try it and feel the difference for yourself.