About Us

Who We Are

Cell Wellbeing Ltd is a working collaboration of business, science and industry professionals that specialize in the development of epigenetic mapping technologies and personal optimization strategies.

Harnessing the latest in Quantum Biology and using our leading-edge German technology, along with the most forward thinkers in the field, we have created a personal optimization platform for multi-industry use.

Our Epigenetic mapping technology and servers are based in Hamburg, Germany where we use certified and CE approved systems and resonance technologies, which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days if the year. From here we service thousands of S-Drive users in more than 20 countries and languages right around the world. We have CE, ETL, FCC and CQC approvals for our S-Drive Peripheral, which is the access point to our servers and optimization reports.

We operate in the Wellness, Retail, Sports & Fitness, Beauty & Spa Industries with a B2B sales and distribution platform. We have offices in Germany, UK and Malaysia, along with a growing distribution network who handles, sales, support and training for local users.

What We Do

In all aspects of daily life, we are subject to the effects of diet, environment and lifestyle and the impacts that these have on the way our genes express themselves. As a result, nearly all people on the planet are living in a less than optimum state and not reaching their epigenetic potential.

At Cell Wellbeing, we aim to empower and educate individuals on the relevant factors and how they can change these and take back control of their lives. Optimization reaches into all aspects of daily life, at home, work, leisure and performance.

Cell Wellbeing has dedicated 10 years of research developing a system designed to highlight individual epigenetic indicators which are specific to each person, like their genes or thumbprint. The information is used to create tailored nutritional reports based on meeting the epigenetic needs of that person and for 90-days thereafter.

The S-Drive System

A breakthrough wellness technology that provides you with a personal report based on the influence of epigenetics.

It is not a Medical device and does not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition.

The S-Drive system was developed by Cell Wellbeing in Germany, a country that leads the world in resonance technologies and cutting edge science and technology.

The S-Drive works by converting natural wave frequencies (signatures) from hair samples to a digital file which is sent to our informational center in Hamburg, Germany. Here, our super-computer, decodes, encodes and digitizes the signature wave emanating from its resonance with of the hair follicle and then reads it. The process is relevant to the epigenetic data captured. The relevancy data is used to create the charts and tables of the completed Optimize reports.

The device has been safety assessed and certified to very high electrical standards (CE, FCC and ETL), equal to those used for laboratory equipment and does not emit any frequencies.


“Cell Wellbeing’s products are general wellness products as defined by the Food and Drug Administration Center for Devices and Radiological Health’s compliance policy entitled ‘General Wellness: Policy for Low Risk Devices’ issued on July 29, 2016.”

Cell Wellbeing’s S-Drive is compliant with FDA guidance 1300013 (UCM429674)