Advisory Team

Stephen Hall

Company Director
Stetzerizer Australasia Pty. Ltd

Trained specialist in remediation of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR-Dirty Electricity), in homes by using high-pass EMF filters (recommeded by IEEE to mitigate high frequency transients and harmonics) from 2007, trained by one the world’s leading Dirty Power expert, Dave Stetzer, in Blair Wisconsin USA, (Stetzer Electric LLC) also in the use of Microsurge Meter/Oscilloscope. With more than 10 years experience ‘on-the-job’ going into homes in Australia and NZ, helping people deal with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Sydndrome (EHS) and Radio-MicroWave Sickness symptoms, began as a Cell-Wellbeing hair scan analyst in late 2015.

Stephen believes the Cell-Wellbeing S-Drive gave him greater depth and wider scope in helping clients deal with wellness issues (including environmental EHS), where Medical Professionals may not have the expertise or use the hair analyzer and its epigentic profile.

“I have worked with Naturopaths, and Medical Drs including other health professionals who know that sickness and diseases may not just specifically require medical/Dr (pharmaceuticals) remedy, but may require an alternative approach to correct both internal: maintaining a correct acid/alkaline balance through food and vitamin/mineral supplements, and also external approach; environmental EM Radiation and Microwave Radiation factors that have to be mitigated. The Cell-Wellbeing S-Drive Reports gave us a greater ability for a more detailed Wellness Report¬† to highlight possible customer issues and a possibly a solution. I am not a Dr nor a Medical Professional nor do I give medical advice, but refer people to their Dr for any medical conditions on sickness or diseases.